You are professionals at selling and fixing cars, we are professionals at making you look good and feeling less stressed while doing it.

Attentive. Efficient. Effective.

Your Service concierge.

Be prepared to make that solid first impression with our professional service greeters on the curb waiting. A warm welcome, outdoor check in and smooth transition to the service advisor set the tone for a positive overall experience. We are there every step of the way tracking progress and keeping the guest informed, not waiting. You will have happier more patient guests when they see that we are ensuring action on their behalf.

Efficiency is not sweating the small stuff, because we offer guest conveniences on the drive including Bluetooth setup, tire pressure checks and site specific quick fixes such as wiper blades, light bulbs, programming electronics, etc.

Mercedes Benz of Fort Lauderdale is very proud to have Universal Parking of America, Inc. on board and they play a very important part of team Lauderdale’s family providing our customer’s with “A World Class Experience”.
A. Giordano General Manager Mercedes Benz of Fort Lauderdale

Innovative Technology

for Added Eyes & Ears

The numbers don’t lie, and with a dealership-centric valet tracking solution you’ll have everything at your fingertips. ValeTrac is your added set of eyes on the operation. Sure, you expect to know how many cars came through, but what about the ones that didn’t get serviced? Knowledge is power, and you’ll know how many cars received courtesy washes or air in the tires, as well as whom the owners are.

Beyond that, the software creates a virtually paperless record keeping system that logs both guest and employee activities. Here is a just a sample of what ValeTrac does:

  • Records vehicle and guest activity
  • Manages labor hours and payroll
  • Optimizes staffing for coverage
  • Lowers claims
  • Improves guest satisfaction

Full Service Detailing Division! learn more about our dealership detail division to see how we can apply the efficiency of our one stop shop to you!

How do we raise CSI scores?


Less Overhead = Less Headaches

You will no longer be burdened with the overhead labor costs that come with employing these positions internally. Universal Parking will oversee all responsibilities we are hired to manage.

Imagine a work day that doesn’t involve:

  • Claims Control
  • Accounting + Payroll + Liability Insurance
  • Managing the service drive guest flow
  • Hiring + Scheduling + HR Activities

Less overhead due to:

  • Lowered labor costs
  • Decreased false damage claims
  • Reduced liability costs

Now think about the freedom this new found time will give you to elevate your team to the next level!

Keeping focus on the guest experience

It’s all in the details…

AEI is a training program created by our hospitality team from Walt Disney World, Ritz Carlton, and Loews Hotels. By introducing all members of our team to AEI we guarantee that our distinctive approach to customer service is replicated at each location we serve.

Full Service Detailing Division

Automotive Dealership Detail

We are a national provider of service drive solutions for auto dealerships, with a hospitality-first approach. Clients save money and reduce management headaches, while increasing their CSI scores.

RFID Guest Recognition

Leader in the application of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies for Automated Guest Recognition and Vehicle Tracking. MDL works with the country’s top dealerships and integrates to more dealership systems than anyone else.