What services do we offer?

Dealerships have a lot of guest contact points, & YOUR SERVICE DRIVE is one of the most impactful. You can remove the burden of managing this CSI HOT-SPOT by partnering with us & spending less to get (much) more!
  • Service Porter (valet)
  • Greeters
  • Car Wash
  • Full Detail Dept.
  • Shuttle Drivers
  • Lot Washing
  • Sales Porter (new & used)
  • Concierge
  • Pick Up & Delivery
  • Parts Delivery
  • Parts Runners
  • Security Gate Attendant

Did you know?

Most dealerships place the critical role of making positive first and last impressions on their lowest paid employees!

You have the final say!

We cover everything regarding hourly service employees, but dealership management still gets final approval over:

  • All operational decisions.
  • Re-train existing team
  • On board a new team

Save Money

Save Money. Raise CSI. Relieve Management. You spend less & get (much) more.

  • Lowered Labor Costs.
  • Decreased False Damage Claims
  • Reduced Liability Claims

No more paying for:

Less Overhead = Less Headaches

  • Worker’s compensation
  • Employee insurance & vacation time
  • Payroll taxes, claims & uniforms
  • Employee turnover & Benefits

Anticipate needs – Engage customers – Invite feedback

What we just call “AEI”

What is AEI?

ANTICIPATE – Wants + Needs
ENGAGE – Dialogue
INVITE – Feedback

Introduced in 2014, AEI is a structured training program created by our very own hospitality team from Walt Disney World, Ritz Carlton, and Loews Hotels. This hands on method teaches guest services systematically.

It’s all in the details…

By introducing every member of our team to AEI we guarantee that our distinctive approach to customer service is replicated at each location we serve.

Our Training Includes

AEI keeps our focus on the guest experience. Our mission is to create a fun, safe environment, where our clients see us providing service with a sense of URGENCY.

  • CSI specific classes for all hospitality positions.
  • Guest conveniences on the drive including: Bluetooth setup tire pressure checks and site-specific quick fixes such as wiper blades, light bulbs, programming electronics, etc.
  • Appearance and Body Positioning of employees at your entry ways.

In fact, our entire team wears AEI wristbands and carries a credo card to demonstrate their commitment to guest services and a safe work environment.

Free up your internal management team and save time!

Think of all the time you’ll save when we do all recruiting, hiring, pre-employment testing and replacement, if necessary.


Attentive. Efficient. Effective… Your Service concierge

Be prepared to make that solid first impression with our professional service greeters on the curb waiting. A warm welcome, outdoor check in and smooth transition to the service advisor set the tone for a positive overall experience. We are there every step of the way tracking progress and keeping the guest informed, not waiting. You will have happier more patient guests when they see that we are ensuring action on their behalf.

Efficiency is not sweating the small stuff, because we offer guest conveniences on the drive including Bluetooth setup, tire pressure checks and site specific quick fixes such as wiper blades, light bulbs, programming electronics, etc.

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