2017 Mission Statement

Universal Parking will deliver awesome experiences by anticipating our client’s needs, engaging them at every opportunity and constantly inviting their feedback.

As our company grows and evolves we need to remember and refocus ourselves on our core values, those that guide who we are and who we want to be.

This is why we do what we do… Our company’s VALUES are to:

  1. Positively impact people
  2. Get our clients their desired results
  3. Build long term relationships
  4. Support our people’s individuality, learning and growth
  5. Handle adversity with prompt action
  6. Be loyal & honest to BOTH our team and our clients
  7. Honor and respect the work and home family
  8. Grow profitably and responsibly with a focus on rewarding our people
Universal was born from a high school business and marketing project in 1995. Since that time we have grown into a national leader in hospitality and management services by listening to our client’s needs and delivering effective solutions for those needs. Since our very first clients in April of 1995 we have never forgotten our role in delivering “Your First & Last Impressions”.

How We Started

Universal Parking came to be in 1995 during founder Bryan Geoffrey’s senior year of high school. Then just seventeen years old, Geoffrey completed a class assignment to create a fictitious business plan. That summer, with the $1,700 he’d earned parking cars and working at a local grocery store, he started Universal Parking. His first employees were friends, and his clients included those for special events as well as local night clubs.

Since then, the company has grown from 4 employees to over 700. The clientele has expanded to include auto dealerships, hospitals, residential communities, and multi-use developments. As it has evolved so has its way of delivering top-notch service.

Technological Innovations

Can you imagine life before cell phones? Neither can we. We also find it hard to imagine life before ValeTrac! Back in the “old days,” people used to use pen and paper to keep track of keys, vehicles, and guest information. Thankfully for us, Ali Alomari was a young valet attendant working for Universal Parking while in college. He saw light years ahead for the need to go digital.

By creating an electronic tracking system he could bring added security, added accountability, and added guest satisfaction. Alomari developed a custom valet solution himself and, we are happy to say, things haven’t been the same ever since!

Its All About Our People

Universal Parking has an executive team that knows what it’s like to work their way up in the industry, with several members starting out as valet attendants or in a service oriented hospitality role. We’ve all been there, and we know what it’s like. That’s why Universal Parking offers all employees recognition, development, and growth opportunities.

In our experience, the better we take care of our employees the better they take care of the guest. We proudly boast some of the highest retention rates in the industry!

Hospitality First

From the beginning, our mission every day (and night) has been to create positive first and last impressions. Being the first line of contact for most visitors and guests, how we do our job affects the entire experience at your facility. With our eyes set on such high standards, it made perfect sense to have Walt Disney World veteran Mike Hollenbeck join our team. Employing the world-renowned standards of Disney, he took the Universal Parking culture to a national level by putting structured standards in place; what we now proudly call “Hospitality First.” Now we can deliver what we promise, in every state, and you can feel confident you’ll receive the same first class service every time you pull up to the drive.


Universal Parking’s hospitality management team is made up of leaders from Ritz Carlton and Walt Disney World.

Bryan M. Geoffrey

President and CEO


Dina M. Dalaly

Managing Partner


Michael Hollenbeck

Vice President


Brandon Hall

Executive Director


Eric Swinarski

Director of Hospitality


Alex Reyes

Director of Human Resources